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This Random Website tool is a special cut-down web version of just one creative thinking tool within "Brainstorming Toolbox" (computer software for enhanced creative thinking and problem solving). Click here for a free 30 day trial of Brainstorming Toolbox or Click here for more information

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Using the random website technique is similar to using the Random Word technique except that you use a website to spark off ideas instead of using words.

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NEW - Creative Thinking Control Centre
Have a look here to see our combined random word/picture/website/rule web page. Note: only for screen resolutions 600*800 or larger.

innovation house Click here NOW to go to INNOVATION HOUSE, web resource for creativity and brainstorming.

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The full version has a wider range of words as well as other pro-active techniques. It includes lots of pro-active creative thinking and advanced brainstorming techniques.

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